Our methodology

Our methodology is solid, tried & tested and provides a structured, predictable approach to the change effort with broad involvement to overcome barriers to change while delivering tailored solutions that fit with our clients’ ambition and culture.
It is comprised of three phases in which we design and implement the required changes to impact the organization.

Setting a bold ambition

The most important step in any change effort is agreeing on a bold ambition based on the potential that lies within the organization, which puts them one step closer to realizing their latent potential.

Creating commitment

Commitment from senior management to act upon change and growth levers is a key success factor to attain the benefits.

GAP analysis

The A&A phase follows a standard process based on proven methods and tools. At the core lies a GAP-analysis, based on facts and figures, between the current state and the future ambition to identify all change and growth levers.

Detailing solutions to ensure ROI

Based on the GAP-analysis and the change and growth levers, we develop a business case to ensure an appealing return on investment.

Designing the transformation journey

Mobilizing middle management behind the implementation plan outlining the transformation creates a “can do – will do” spirit.

Driven by TwinPikes

This phase is quick, focused, intensive and identifies what needs to be changed and how to make it happen.

Reaching results

Having the organization pull many change and growth levers simultaneously in a structured way is key to drive a radical improvement of performance.

Creating “Positive Tension” and overcome resistance to change

Broad involvement creating “positive tension” throughout all levels of the organization will help overcome resistance to change, and focusing on specific culture and capability traits will support sustainable improvement.

Tracking the results

This phase will generate the results in a predictable and consistent manner with a detailed tracking of the benefits captured in the P&L.

Our international footprint

With a multi-sectorial positioning, TwinPikes’ projects reach every corner of the globe.









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