Digital strategy development

Transforming operations through technology

Our client, a top-tier player in the travel retail industry with worldwide reach and over 2.000 stores, had decided it was time to leverage on technology so as to transform its operations and its customer’s experience to double its revenue.

The ambition of the project was to identify and define an implementation plan for a set of digital/technological solutions, which contributed to increase the company’s interaction time with the passengers and be present in the entire customer journey.

The plan involved five work streams, focused on implementing the different digital solutions that complemented each other. Clear objectives, activities and deliverables were set for all work streams. It involved internal project leaders for each workstream, coached and guided by TwinPikes consultants to ensure an effective execution of the plan.

Subsequently, the client successfully implemented new digital solutions across its operations. The initiatives have brought double digit sales growth in a number of shops and it has also contributed to creating an ‘Ultimate Customer Experience’, by interacting with its passengers through multiple touch points throughout the customer’s journey.