Creating a culture to foster innovation

Our client, a multinational B2B services company, foresaw that new consumption habits and disruptive changes in the means of payment were endangering their core business and affecting their ability to grow. They had identified the need to leverage their growth in new products and quickly adapt to the new challenges that the market posed.

In order to do so, they contacted TwinPikes to help them transform their organization to one that ensured sustainable growth by fostering innovation.

The project was set out in two phases. First, we worked with Top Management in detailing the ambition, which entailed defining the challenges that were to be addressed with innovation as well as the economic impact on sales growth that we expected as a result in the coming years. Then, We established a process to accelerate the identification and implementation of innovation based on 3 axes:

  • CREATIVITY and CULTURAL CHANGE: Encourage the generation of creative ideas.
  • STRATEGY and PROCESSES: Develop an innovation strategy, define processes and systems to manage idea generation as well as the project portfolio.
  • CONTROL AND LEADERSHIP: Define KPIs, processes and tools to ensure achievement of objectives – both in number of new projects launched and their financial impact.

During the project, 20 ideas which met the established selection and viability criteria were shortlisted, of which 3 were picked for its immediate launch.