Strategic planning to boost organic growth

Our client, an international industrial B2B equipment manufacturer quoted on the Spanish Stock exchange requested us to support them in the definition of an ambitious Strategic plan which aimed at increasing sales by 15% CAGR in the following 5 years. The aim of the project was to define a Strategic Plan detailing growth levers across 40+ countries in order to achieve their ambition.

The project was structured in three main phases in which we explored commercial opportunities per geography to identify growth levers. In order to ensure a successful implementation, we detailed action plans and margin impact per growth lever to then consolidate an overall business case for the project. Finally we assessed the industrial feasibility of the expected growth per product family.

TwinPikes was an agent of change, mobilizing all of the Top Management, Business Units leaders and leaders of corporate functions (Marketing, Finance, HR, IT…) and ensuring alignment around a common vision of ambitious growth. We facilitated the implementation by establishing a PMO (Project Management Office) which thoroughly tracked progress and benefits generated. Finally, our client reached the overall objective one year ahead of plan.

Building future growth by incorporating a strategic partner

Our client, a major player in the optics and audiology sector in Spain, had the ambition of becoming the main retailer in the premium segment of hearing aid for the north of Spain within the following 5 years, while maintaining its position at the forefront of innovative products, providing the best quality service and attracting the best audiologists.

In order to achieve its goals, our client aimed at selling a minority participation to a strategic industrial player, which was set to provide valuable product knowhow and commercial knowledge. Thus, the purpose of our project was to find a suitable partner and help our client successfully close a satisfactory deal. Our approach to the project was to compose a list of potential targets which was prioritized in a short list to identify the best fit.

A 5-year Business Plan was detailed after analysing the financial statements, resulting in a company valuation using different methods. We managed the negotiation process, from initial talks, including value discussions, through LOI to the final contractual terms and documents working alongside our clients’ lawyers.

As a result of our work, a deal was closed at a price which acknowledged our client’s potential and established reasonable and sustainable contractual terms which set the basis for a solid and lasting partnership.