Reverting the trend of decreasing sales

Our client, a European producer and distributor of consumer goods with operations all over Europe, had suffered a significant decrease in sales during the last few years in one of its main markets. Our diagnosis evidenced a lack of structured sales methodology or a clear strategy.

The purpose of the project was to revert the trend of decreasing sales by defining and implementing a new sales efficiency methodology which encouraged the sales team to focus on high potential customers, and by mobilizing and increasing the sales team’s activity thus creating “positive tension”.

TwinPikes has a Sales Efficiency methodology which has been successfully implemented across sectors, geographies and clients.

As a result of the project, our client’s sales grew by 15% year-on-year, shifting the downward sales trend which it had been experiencing. In addition, its margin improved through an increase of the weight of high margin “push” products and it saw a significant increase in customer coverage.