Building a model to adapt to very dynamic conditions

Our client had been experiencing substantial growth by opening new shops aboard cruise ships which sailed around the world and changed routes frequently. The physical replenishment of such shops posed a great challenge, as commercial policies vary from country to country and thus the assortment must be adapted to each country’s specific requirements.

The objective of our project was to design a Global Supply Chain model leveraging all of our client’s exiting distribution centers in order to optimize key supply chain processes such as Demand Forecast and Management, Order placement, Physical Replenishment, Inventory Management and Reversed Logistics Process.

The main deliverables of the project were:

  • Design and dimensioning of the new organization, including a definition of profiles needed.
  • Definition of detailed processes and procedures.
  • Identification of changes needed in systems to implement the processes.
  • Assortment Optimization.
  • Detailed implementation plan.