Building a model to support European growth

Twin Pikes is supporting our client to define and implement an ambitious sales growth plan (+40%) based on a strong sales increase in new markets throughout Europe and online channels.

The growth plan greatly increased the complexity of the purchasing, operations and supply chain (+33% sealing references, +87% growth in further and unknown countries, and +31% home delivery due to a strong push in the online channel).

The objective of the project was to design a new Global Supply Chain model leveraging the exiting logistics infrastructure, processes, organization and systems in order to provide an adequate response (Service level, Cost, Inventory and online reputation).


The main deliverables of the project were:

  • Identification of changes needed in systems to implement the processes.
  • Distribution´s gravity center calculation and warehouse network adaptation with a Distribution Center in Central Europe to support 24-48h deliveries.
  • Design of the new organization, including a unified management of Operations (Manufacturing, Planning and Logistics) gaining an End-to-End visibility.
  • Implementation road map.